Konrad’s passion for high quality wines and commitment to sustainable agriculture in the Terrassenmosel have lead him to be recognized as one of the top winemakers of his generation. Year after year he produces exceptional wines that reflect the uniqueness of the terroir and bring out the best of what Mosel wines have to offer. One can taste the result of his professional care and vast experience in every single one of his full, nicely balanced wines.

Konrad Haehn


Konrad Hähn received his Master in oenology in 1981, after several internships in estates in Germany and France. For many years he has served on various honorary tasting and review committees staying on top of cutting edge winemaking in the region.


Konrad Hähn is places great importance on organic and sustainable agriculture as well as reductive winemaking and the true reflection of terroir. The wines are handcrafted using meticulous fruit selection maximizing the soil reflection especially in the grand cru vineyards Uhlen and Weissenberg.

Fall Vineyard


to continue tradition while utilizing established modern winemaking techniques to assure the highest possible quality in the glass.


Starting with the 1976 vintage in cooperation with his father Karlheinz Hähn, Konrad began winemaking at Von Schleinitz with one of the greatest vintages of the last century. Today, 40 vintages later, he has accumulated a vast knowledge in his field from tending to the vines, to sorting and handling of the grapes, to guiding the fermentation and finally to the timing of the release of the wines.