The winery is located in the Terrassen-Mosel, the most northern part of the Mosel valley. It is the warmest area within the Mosel appellation and the second warmest area in Germany (after Kaiserstuhl, Baden). This warm micro-climate and the use of terraces along the south facing slopes allows the vines to grow to full ripeness despite the northern location.


The northern part of the Mosel valley is very narrow and the vineyards are terraced, because the incline in parts exceeds 70%. For example the Uhlen grand cru vineyard has as many as 25 terraces from valley floor to the rim.

The use of machinery is impossible and all work including harvesting is done by hand. The only mechanical help available is a so-called Monorail allowing material transport in and out of the vineyards.

The terraced walls often date back over 1.000 years and are mostly dry-stacked without the use of mortar, yet maintain stability over centuries.

Warm micro-climate

Even though at the 50° latitude (like southern Canada) the advantageous microclimate makes the area the second warmest in Germany.

The steep terraces provide a warm micro climate where the heat of the sun is captured by the slate walls and stones during the day and radiated back to the vines.

Meanwhile the northern location provides a long, in average moderate to cool growing season. The grapes ripen slowly and thus maintain balancing acidity at sufficient sugar levels resulting in wines of rich flavor with relatively low alcohol.

Weathered slate soil

While providing sufficient nutrients for the grapes, the porous weathered slate soil allows for excellent drainage leading to a natural yield restriction.

The grapes achieve a high mineral content which sometimes results in wine diamonds (aka Weinstein) appearing in the finished wine, an indicator for high quality wines.

The distinct mineral profile provided by the different types of slate, especially displayed in the single vineyard wines Uhlen and Weissenberg, make the wines of Von Schleinitz unique in the world.

Von Schleinitz Estate Vineyards

Located in the best sites of the Mosel valley

Prime Vineyards


The UHLEN vineyard (grand cru) is one of the steepest vineyards in the Mosel valley. Completely south-facing, it receives the most intense sun exposure in the region. At low yields, the wines reflect the iron mineral elements of the red slate soil. Konrad Hähn uses the high quality grapes of this vineyard mostly for his dry wines, which are full-bodied and show a spicy mineral component.

Prime Vineyards


The WEISSENBERG vineyard is facing south-east and has predominantly grey weathered slate. Here the wines are minerally and sleek. They tend to be elegant and fruit-focused. The grapes are mostly used to produce medium dry and sweeter style wines. Late harvest and dessert wines mostly come from this vineyard.